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Acid-2-Alkaline - 90 Capsules (pH Strips Included)

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Non-Chemical Based Formula that Works: The Acid-2-Alkaline Vitamin is a Non-chemical based alkaline formula that has been proven to work wonders since 1995. We have been teaching how your health and wellbeing can improve by simply improving your diet and taking an all natural Non-Chemical Alkaline Supplement to boost your body's pH levels.

Body acidity control to fight fatigue, reduce GI inflammation and improve your overall body composition. pH strips are provided to check your daily levels so that the appropriate dosage is taken. Use Acid to Alkaline Supplement for pH Body Balance to Improve Your Health.

Is Your Body Acidic? Unfortunately we all live in a modern world, that includes eating quantities of acidic forming foods such as fast foods, pre-prepared foods & cereals, restaurant food, fried foods, sugar, dairy, food colorants & additives, sodas, juices, coffee & alcohol to name a few.

Do You Have An Alkaline Diet? Very few of us eat sufficient quantities of alkaline forming foods such as raw vegetables, salads, fresh fruit and whole grains like brown rice. The result is that our bodies are always overly acidic. If you need a naturally way to assist in keeping your body as alkaline as possible then the Acid-2-Alkaline Supplement is Your Answer.

Serving Size: 3 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 30

  • Proprietary Formula 1584 mg:
  • Organic Anise (seed)
  • Organic Barley Grass (leaf)
  • Organic Burdock (root)
  • Caraway (seed)
  • Organic Celery (seed)
  • Organic Dill (seed)
  • Organic Fennel (seed)
  • Organic Fenugreek (seed)
  • Organic Flax (seed)
  • Organic Mustard (seed)
  • Organic Wheat Grass (leaf)
  • Organic Bilberry (leaf)
  • Organic Rose Hips (fruit)
  • Organic Tumeric (root)
  • Organic Horseradish (root)
  • Organic Dandelion (root)
  • Organic Ginger (root)
  • Organic Parsley (leaf)
  • Organic Garlic (bulb)
  • Organic White Willow (bark)
  • Organic Dulce (aerial)
  • Organic Kelp (aerial)
  • Organic Bladderwrack (aerial)

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (cellulose)

Vegetarian Formula

Simply take three capsules daily, an hour after meals.

You may take up to six capsules, depending on your pH level, and you’ll also receive a FREE alkaline kit with your purchase.

Featuring 3 inches of pH test strips to periodically check your pH body balance levels.